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UsersBrand 32 can get your products and services found, seen and sold. To get your customer’s business, you’ve got to get in their face. Our talented team brings a diversity of skills for a complete business branding package that include web design and development, web hosting, SEO, internet Marketing, full color graphic design, complete corporate branding, copywriting and multi media. You need it? We've got the skills to get it done.

Web Design and Development

It's not enough to have just ANY website. If you want potential buyers to take you seriously, you need a professional looking site that hooks the viewer and keeps her there. Your site is your first chance to create a lasting impression, telling YOUR story about YOUR product.

The beauty of the internet is that it's a level playing field when it comes to competing with the big boys. With a well-designed site, you can project an image of a much larger company. Perception is EVERYTHING. Here are some of the ways we do it:

  • Usability: Our sites are visually engaging, clean and easy to navigate.
  • Call to action: Our sites are provocative, evoking a customer response.
  • Consistent functionality: Functional links are a MUST. Our Technical expertise ensures that your site links are functional and consistent.
  • Design: We are adept at creating the highest quality design; a design that's brilliantly unique to your business model.

We’ve seen hundreds of sites out there. We've built hundreds ourselves.We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Your business benefits from our expertise.

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Search Engine Optimization

Brand32 has now partnered with one of the world’s (yes, I said WORLD’s) top search engine optimization (SEO) experts to offer you proven results. Now is the time to refocus on how you market to your customers. We also know that to drive visibility and traffic to your site, SEO is where it's at. What does this get you? It gets you found. To get their business, you've got get in their face. Now we have solutions to fit your budget and maximize your ROI. Call us to find out which solution best suits you.

If you're not doing this at a minimum, you're not even in the game. Let Brand32 help get you off the bench.

At this level, you've got friends. Brand32 works with you for six months to dial in what you've started. More search engine submissions, more links, means more business for you.

Now we're cookin'. With 900 links to you're site and six months of service, it's time to reap the benefits of true search engine optimization.

3000 links spread over 12 pages. That's more than three times our Professional package. It's time to be at the top. Welcome to the big leagues.

Ok. We're not talking about the top of the page on Google. We're talkin' about the WHOLE page. You are the master of your domain. They can't do business with your competition if all they can find is you. Enough said.

Basic Intermediate Professional Domination Total Domination
Main Page Optimization Star Star Star Star Star
Sub Page Optimization 2 Subpages 5 Subpages 5 Subpages 5 Subpages 5 Subpages
Directory Submission 100 250 250 250 250
Local Submissions Google, Yahoo,
MSN Live
Google, Yahoo,
MSN Live
Google, Yahoo,
MSN Live
Google, Yahoo,
MSN Live
Google, Yahoo,
MSN Live
Back Links 50 150 900 3000 7500
Additional Domains x x x 2 Additional 4 Additional
Article Submission x


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Graphic Design

Work with the gifted crew at Brand 32 to create a complete corporate identity package to showcase your business. We got skills people. Here are just a few:

  • Unique and Identity Driven Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Corporate Letterhead
  • Banners, Posters, E-Newsletter Templates
  • SWAG
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Corporate Branding

Do you really know what your business is all about? Why it’s unique? If you had only a few seconds to communicate something that describes your business to others, what would it be? Targeting your Brand is the good stuff; it's what we do. Let us work with you to refine your brand positioning through:

  • Market Positioning Strategy
  • Identifying Brand Story
  • Key Messages
  • Features and Benefits
  • Graphic Design / Visual Branding
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AnalysisWe’ve gotten to the heart of what makes your business beat. Now it’s time to make your story sing. Let us artfully finesse your brand through clean, appealing and professional sales driven copy, sure to pique consumer interest and connect you to your customer base. What does that mean to you? One word guys… Success!


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Our Commitment to You

After a thorough assessment of your company's needs, Brand 32 will recommend to you the products, services and maintenance plan that's perfectly suited for your unique business model.

Brand 32 will never suggest services to you that are more than what you really need. We have your best interests in mind. We're in this together. That's our committment.

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