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UsersSean Patrick McPeak
Production Manager - Lead Designer - Kingpin

I built my first computer at age 10. I remember it well. It was a Sinclair ZX81. I’ve been feeling the love for the clever little guys ever since. I’ve been developing websites since the 90’s, bringing a unique dual perspective of right and left brained talent. I know the technical aspects required to build for functionality but I’m also an artist. This allows me to have a unique industry edge, building functional sites with sex-appeal. I’ve built hundreds of websites for every industry, organization and for every purpose, from huge government contracts to “mom and pop” shops. I love what I do and it shows in my work. I love being on board with new business owners, being vested in my clients and seeing them succeed. We do more than just build business; we build community. Our clients are in business for a reason. They have a passion for what they do and if we look at their business from that loving perspective, we can't miss. Our job is to convey their passion to their clients. Through our services we can be the heart and voice for our clients and their business. I wanna be Boba Fett when I grow up. Now, check out my team.

Sam Bigger
SEO Guru - Geek God

When it comes to SEO, this guy rules. Several of the top 10 fastest computers in the world today owe their existence to Sam's Super Computer Architecture. He has been the Lead Systems Engineer for ATT Unix Systems Laboratories, a Super Computer Designer at Linux Networx and Sun Microsystems, and has served as a Research Consultant to Eric Schmidt; the now CEO of Google. So yeah, you could say he knows his stuff. With 30 years of computer software and hardware experience, Sam is on the leading edge of the industry. When it comes to SEO, this Geek God knows all and sees all. We pay homage. And with the results you'll get, so will you.

Kelly Bellerose
Copywriter - Branding Babe

Kelly has an extensive background in Product Research and Development, Product Branding and Marketing, directing the creation and launch of 100+ consumer products and brands in beyond 25 markets worldwide. She loves to tell a provocative brand story and works with you to weave one that’s uniquely yours. Don’t let her girly exterior fool you… She’ll ask the tough questions, using her keen creative instincts to get to the core of what drives your business.

Vijay Hari
Lead Developer - Klingon Linguist

Vijay loves technology. This brilliant young guy has more expertise under his belt in database, e-comm and programming than most experts twice his age! He's the master of foreign languages... computer languages that is and serves as the anchor for our tech operations. Vijay works behind the scenes to keep us up and running so that we can get YOU going. A gifted Klingon Linguist, Vijay says, "It's Trekker, not Trekkie", but I still say, "Lucas owns Roddenberry."

Camilla Williams Clifford
Office Manager - Senior Bookkeeper

Camilla has a special gift… She keeps Brand32 on task, under the gun, ahead of the deadline and out of the red. As Brand32's Office Manager and Senior Bookkeeper, this girl is sharp as her pencil and knows how to run the numbers. She holds the wallet and handles cash flow. Her organization skills and tireless attention to detail keeps this machine well oiled and running smooth - and a smooth Brand32 means a smooth lookin' product for you.

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Giving Back

The Andean Research Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to preserving, researching and sharing the healing traditions of the Andean medicine healers and their communities. ARI supports ongoing projects such as:

  • The creation of a healing/research/learning center in Maras, Peru
  • Education and development of the healing arts
  • Programs to help train women in traditional weaving and other arts so they may become economically self sufficient
  • Ongoing support of local schools in the Andes regions
  • A holiday gifting program for Peruvian mountain children.

BRAND32 is proud to donate a portion of our profits to this cause.